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Work from home at Amazon in South Africa – strict broadband requirement

To apply for a home job at Amazon in South Africa, you need a fiber line with a minimum speed of 10 Mbps.

Amazon is currently in the recruiting phase in South Africa with 157 full-time positions and 3 seasonal jobs.

The recruitment drive began last year after Amazon announced it would hire 3,000 new customer service employees in South Africa.

An Amazon spokesperson told MyBroadband that the new jobs included flexible and remote home workstations.

The company is currently recruiting “2021 full-time work of home customer service associates”.

These customer service associates will assist retail customers of Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk in the United States and Europe.

To apply for the position, you must have a Grade 12 (Matrix) diploma or an equivalent NQF Level 4 qualification.

The position also requires a minimum of 12 months of service industry experience and intermediate IT knowledge.

2021 Full-time work from home Customer service associate

These are virtual customer service positions, which means employees can reside anywhere in South Africa.

There is, however, a strict requirement for a broadband connection – an existing, dedicated 10Mbps uncapped fiber optic line.

Amazon explicitly states that people with ADSL lines, LTE and Wi-Fi connections are not eligible for this role.

The company stressed that detailed proof of connectivity would be required.

“The Internet account must be in your name and home address and confirm that your line is fiber and that the Internet speed is at least 10 Mbps downloading,” Amazon said.

This requirement is understandable. The role requires support agents to communicate with people in the United States and Europe.

A stable connection with low latency and low jitter is required to support this communication, and fiber is most suitable.

The good news is that most fiber connections in South Africa will meet Amazon’s requirements for working from home.

OpenServe’s entry-level fiber service offers a download speed of 25 Mbps and a minimum upload speed of 5 Mbps.

Vumatel’s entry-level service is a symmetrical 10 Mbps service while Octotel speeds start at 15 Mbps and Frogfoot speeds start at 30 Mbps.

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