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Woman gets angry after ‘not-so-cute’ response to her candidacy

A woman was left angry after applying for a job, only to receive a seemingly accidental response from the owner who described her as “not so cute”. She tells the story in the clip below:

Gracie Lorincz, 21, shared her experience with TikTok, after applying for a sales model position at Ava Lane Boutique in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

In the video, the 21-year-old says: “So I applied for this job as a brand representative at a company called Ava Lane.

“Their motto is ‘beauty through trust’ and this is the email I received from the vice president [vice president]. “

Gracie then shows a screenshot of an email, which reads, “This girl is just out of college (Hope College) and not so cute.

“She applied for the role of sales model. Do you really want me to interview her?

At this point, a visibly unimpressed Gracie reappears in the shot and says, “‘Not so cute’. OK. OK.”

TikTokers was quick to comment, with one user saying, “VP of operations and he doesn’t understand” CC everything “???”

Another person suggested it had an adverse impact on the company’s online reviews, saying, “Reviews have gone from 4.9 to 1.7. You are all powerful.”

Since the video went viral, Vice President of Operations Chuck DeGrendel – also owner Laura’s husband – has apologized, with the store receiving numerous negative reviews online.

Chuck DeGrendel, Vice President of Operations. Credit – Renard.

In a video posted to Facebook, he said he intended to send the email to Laura and accidentally sent it to Grace.

Chuck said: “I sent Laura a response that said she was a recent graduate from college and I didn’t think she was that cute so I wasn’t sure if we wanted to do an interview. .

“I don’t know why I said this, but I did, and I’m so sorry I said this because it was unprofessional and really not in line with our core values ​​here, or to my core values ​​in general. ”

He continued, “I can only imagine how horrible she would feel.”

Fuming Gracie Lorincz, 21. Credit - TikTok @ggggmoneyyyy
Fuming Gracie Lorincz, 21. Credit – TikTok @ggggmoneyyyy

“I’m really, really sorry I said that. It was wrong to say on so many levels, I don’t know why I said it, but I did. And it’s one hundred percent my fault.”

Laura went on to say that they had received death threats for what had happened.

She said: “We appreciate your support, we are going to call her someday, our phone numbers are there, our address is there, our children have been threatened.”

“I’m pretty sure the girl Chuck just apologized to didn’t want her followers contacting us, threatening our family, I’m pretty sure that wasn’t her intention, but that’s what happened. has passed.”

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