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Weird ‘cult’ job posting for Napa vineyard goes viral

Are you passionate? A lover? “A wine lover and a health advocate? Maybe this list of jobs is for you – but it sure isn’t for a lot of people – including much of the internet and this very writer.

A Napa natural wine company called Dry Farm Wines invites potential applicants to join their “family” for fairly standard career opportunities as “warehouse buyer” and “senior accountant.” Quite simple.

But the job posting for the compliance officer – posted last Wednesday – has gone viral on Twitter, and not because thousands of people are interested in applying.

“This is the most stressful job posting I have ever seen in my life,” a @clapifyoulikeme thread began on Twitter Wednesday. And … she’s not wrong.

It looks like a red flag when the “Our Culture” section begins with an excerpt from a nine-section “manifesto” that reads like a religious text with a few corporate buzzwords for good measure.

And maybe I’m not a particularly cold or spiritual person, but a non-negotiable culture (“We love her too much,” they say) complemented by an hour-and-one morning “team meditation”. strongly worded suggestion for “biohack”, my diet is absolutely surreal.

There are also more common practices that are just plain suspect, despite the odd corporate vibe, including a lack of human resources, a requirement that you spend “a lot of time together, eat a lot of our meals together” and that you are “traveling very short notice.”

And, somehow, if all of that doesn’t make you want to turn off the screen you’re reading this on and pour yourself a tall glass of (preferably unnatural) wine, maybe the six-step interview process after 15 questions mandatory survey will be.

This interview process includes a social hour, a “project review” and a two-day trip to Napa. And guess what, there may even be more steps!

Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to call this work a “cult” – as many replies in the original Twitter thread suggested. And they warn that this “might not be the best fit” for anyone “uncomfortable” with their job application process. But I would certainly think twice before joining this “Family”.

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