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Watch every episode of The Simpsons, earn $ 7,000 in a new job posting

A UK-based gaming site is giving a superfan the gig of a lifetime: watching all 33 seasons of The Simpsons and making $ 7,000 for doing so.

UK based casino website hires someone to watch every episode of The simpsons– and pay them US $ 7,000 to do so. The simpsons debuted in 1989, and over its 30+ years the show has grown into a cultural phenomenon, providing essential commentary on pop culture. Set in the fictional town of Springfield with Homer, Marge and their precocious children at the center of the series, The simpsons satirizes the middle-class American family while embracing almost every facet of contemporary life.

With countless awards and distinctions to his credit, The simpsons shows no sign of stopping. The emblem of the show 33e the season is currently airing on FOX, with season 32 of The simpsons now streaming on Disney +. The series won 34 Primetime Emmy Awards, winning its most recent Emmy in 2019 for “Mad About the Toy,” the 650 in the series.e episode.


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Now the gaming site Platinum Casino gives a superfan the concert of his life: watch the 33 seasons of The simpsons (plus the 2007 movie) and get paid to do it. The company creates the role of analyst for the Simpsons series to capitalize on the popular theory that The simpsons predicts the future. “In our industry, we also like to predict what the future holds.», We read in the application. “The Simpsons Series Analyst will be paid to note the show’s milestone events, to help us predict the likelihood of each happening.. “The company is offering £ 5,000, or roughly $ 7,000, plus an expense allowance to watch just over 700 episodes in eight weeks. Essential job requirements include fluency in English, access to a computer and that the candidate is over the age of 18. A perk of the concert is, of course, a weekly box of free donuts. See the full job description below:

– The Simpsons Series Analyst is an eight week role. – The work would require a minimum of 35.5 hours of work per week, so that the 284 hours of the television show and spin-off film can be viewed during the employment period. – The Simpsons Series Analyst will watch and analyze all episodes from all 33 seasons, as well as the Simpsons spinoff movie. – During each episode, the professional will be invited to take notes on the most significant plots to share with us and our team of prediction experts. We will then compile the events into a list of future predictions with a probability that each will occur.

There is a long-standing theory that The simpsons predicts the future, although the writers rejected the show’s label as a prophet. Yet there are plenty of receipts to support the The simpsons“Clairvoyant talents. A 1998 episode, for example, anticipated the deal between Disney and FOX in 2017, showing the 20e Century Fox logo with “A Division of Walt Disney Co.” engraved at bottom. The series has proven that it has always taken the pulse of tech, sports, and inflated billionaire egos by correctly predicting smartwatches, FIFA corruption, and Richard Branson’s spree into space. It is quite normal for a gambling company to want to participate in the clairvoyance action.

The most famous, The simpsons predicts the Trump presidency. In 2000, the season 11 episode “Bart to the Future” posed a future in which Donald Trump ruled the country. Maybe the The simpsons writers are modern Nostradamus, or maybe the world is just an increasingly cartoonish place. If fans of The simpsons are doomed to see their favorite plot points play out in real life, the new gig at Platin Casino suggests someone might as well make some money out of it.

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Source: Platinum Casino


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