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Top 4 Home Jobs In The Detroit Subway And Some Practical Tips For Job Seekers In A Pandemic

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) – Looking for work during a pandemic? It is not easy. But there are jobs there. I heard some of you talk about the process and sat down with the Job Doctor for some advice. Plus, she reveals the best work-from-home jobs in the Detroit subway in 2021.

I’ve asked people on social media to share their job search – whether their job search started in March of last year or later.

I have heard from job seekers of all ages.

On my Instagram page, Kaycee507 posted that her husband lost his 40-year-old job in June.

She wrote, in part, “He was able to get a temporary job in Novi which ended at the end of December.”

She went on to explain that“he sent over 80 resumes from June to December.”

Luckily, she texted me a few days later that he had just been hired!

But gehrkepierson wrote: “My son graduated last fall and no one is going to hire him because he has no experience.

Jordan Watson of Walled Lake knows it.

“It’s been stressful,” Watson said.

Watson graduated from Central State University in December 2019 with a business administration degree.

The former group member with a wall of academic awards spent the pandemic applying for jobs – about five a day.

“I didn’t go to school not to work, so it was a little frustrating. And sometimes I wanted to give up because I didn’t know what to do, ”Watson said.

This month, she signed up for Hired in Michigan workshops.

“It’s amazing because people think employers don’t hire, but it really is,” said CJ Eason.

Eason is the Doctor of Labor with Hired Michigan Career Institute and jobfairgiant.com.


The doctor of work

CJ Eason is the Occupational Doctor for JobFairGiant.com and hired at the Michigan Career Institute.

She has four recommendations for frustrated job seekers.


One – call a nonprofit organization to volunteer for a position in your career field.

If you like soup kitchens, don’t just help serve the soup.

“This is a great time to contact an organization and say I have a degree in business development or business administration. Can I work in your IT department or can I work in your marketing department, ”Eason said.

Be sure to request a letter of recommendation for this volunteer work so you can present it to a potential employer.


Two – dust off this resume. Eason said it should be adjusted frequently when looking for a job.

“For each position you apply for; you can’t fix it and forget about it, ”Eason explained.

“You have to put the right one keyword that you see in the job description in your CV.

Eason said employers use an applicant tracking database to search resumes for keywords that match the job posting.

“They wrote the job description. You take the job description and put it on your resume where it applies, ”added Eason.


Three – consider doing a career appraisal.

“Because your interests, skills and experiences are constantly evolving,” Eason said.

She said this was important not only for students and recent graduates, but also for adults at all stages of life.

Additionally, the results of a career review can reveal an area of ​​expertise you have and the jobs that match it.

The assessment can also indicate where you might be lacking in certain skills. You might need new certifications or training to keep up with the job market.


Four – consider applying for jobs from home during this pandemic.

Eason recommended using the Google tool “Google for Jobs”.

Type “work from home” in the Google search bar and press Enter.
When the blue “jobs” bar appears, you can search for the jobs listed below Where customize your search by clicking on the category bubbles.

Hired in Michigan offers free Grow with Google workshops in small, socially remote groups.

Jordan Watson attended two of these workshops to learn more about resume writing and job hunting.

Eason invites all job seekers to attend a FREE Grow with Google workshop.

They take place every Friday and Saturday at the Hired In Michigan Career Institute located in Southfield, Michigan.

Interested participants can register online for free at www.hiredinmichigan.com or by calling (248) 237-3600.

Next on Watson’s to-do list is to do a career assessment.

“It’s just going to help me figure out what I really want to do,” Watson said.

Good luck, Jordan Watson! You got that!

If you’re planning to telecommute for work, the Job Doctor says Metro Detroit’s top home jobs for 2021 are:

Virtual assistant, social media coordinator, data entry worker and virtual customer service representative.

Metro Detroit’s Best Home Jobs in 2021

  • Social Media Coordinator – Starting Salary $ 17 / hour – $ 24 / hour
  • Data entry clerk – starting salary $ 15 / – $ 17 / hour
  • Virtual Customer Service Representative – Starting Salary $ 9 / hour – $ 15 / hour

Source: JobFairGiant.com

Telecommuting was already on the rise before the pandemic, but it looks like it’s here to stay.

According to Bankrate, a new survey from Upwork (a job market for remote workers) shows that 36.2 million American workers will be totally removed by 2025, which is almost double the rates before the pandemic!

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