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TikToker says he was asked his stance on abortion during job application, sparking debate

Job seekers are having a hard time finding a job, whether it’s facing numerous rejections or struggling to stand out.

There are a lot of hurdles to jump through when it comes to finding a new role, including dealing with inappropriate questions.

A TikToker, Kyle Rehl, posted a video on his account where he shares his experience of an unfair question on his candidacy.

The man was asked about his personal views on abortion on the job application.

Rehl mentioned that he was filling out a job application and came across a question where he had to share his personal perspective on abortion with a minimum of 200 words.

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He said, “Can someone tell me why I was filling out this random job application and they thought it was appropriate to ask me this question?”

Rehl posted a second video where he was seen applying for a marketing associate position at a nonprofit, Live Action. He further mentioned that the job description made no mention of abortion.

Live Action is a prominent anti-choice organization known for its history of tampering with undercover videos at Planned Parenthood and for making false claims about the organization. It is therefore not entirely shocking that they ask such a question.

However, when he scrolled down, he discovered that the nonprofit aims to end abortion. After realizing it was an anti-abortion organization, the man humorously filled out the application.

Netizens have started a debate on whether such a question is considered legal in a job application.

Asking for personal opinions on a topic such as abortion can seem a little offensive, especially if it’s asked on a job application. Many Internet users also thought that it was not normal for a job application to include such a question.

One user wrote: “[I don’t know] What is that [worse]the question or the minimum of 200 words.

Another user wrote, “No matter how you feel about it, it’s inappropriate to ask anyone else. Why is this their business?”

“My old boss literally cornered me and asked me what my position was on abortion,” another user commented.

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However, many people justified the organization and claimed that it was okay for them to ask for such a thing because they are an anti-abortion non-profit organization.

One user wrote: “If you look them up you will see why they asked the question. I’m pretty sure that’s relevant information for the job description. »

Another person commented, “Live Action is a pro-life nonprofit. Of course, they will ask about abortion.

Many other people shared similar opinions on this issue and also criticized the man for not researching the company enough before applying.

Asking for personal opinions on abortion is quite a sensitive topic, especially if a recruiter is judging the candidate based on their answers.

However, it is not illegal to ask such a question on a job application.

One person also commented on this. They wrote: “Private companies can ask for things like this. But it’s not illegal to ask your opinion on it. It would be illegal to ask if you’ve had one.”

However, people still felt that such a question was inappropriate and should not have been asked in a job application.

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