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This pizzeria’s desperate job offer turns heads

The recent Facebook The Dave’s Pizza post certainly had a ripple effect, not only gaining traction through likes, comments, and shares on the post itself, but also generating a buzz in the media. It is a perfect example of the desperation that pervades the food and beverage industry and the overwhelming need for workers.

The message reads, in all caps, “WE LITERALLY HIRE ANYONE. IF YOU ARE UNEMPLOYED AND CANNOT FIND A JOB, CALL US, WE HIRE YOU.” It collected 189 comments and 97 shares before comments were disabled.

On the one hand, it’s definitely a cry for bodies to fill the kitchen and dining room in order to keep this business alive (and it’s really representative of all companies at the moment). But from a different perspective, this post also speaks of a level of compassion for those who are looking for work and cannot find one, as Dave’s Pizza offers a helping hand to those struggling to find work – an arrangement. mutually beneficial, if you ask us.

The call for help caught the attention of department stores like Initiated that can’t help but see this as a commentary on how restaurants continue to face hurdles in the wake of COVID-19. Then again, the pandemic has forced nearly every food and beverage company to pivot on everything they once relied on. Maybe reaching out to staff via desperate social media posts isn’t so much desperation as it is improvisation.

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