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The interview period with Robot for the job application is approaching

There is a maintenance period with the robot in the job application

Aegean Young Business People Association EGİAD) and Software and Informatics Industry Cluster Association (YABISAK), the experts who spoke during the webinar on “The Pole Star in the Digital Transformation of Companies: Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality” said that many companies have started to use artificial intelligence robots in recruiting and these robots are reviewing resumes. In interviews, he said the person applying for the job made the decision based on his facial expressions and gestures. While the bots also checked if the person provided the correct information by comparing the information on the CV with the LinkedIn account, they noted that in the future more people will need to interview the robot when they complete their job. job application.

The opening speech of the webinar organized on the occasion of “World Software Day” was given by the Chairman of the Board of YABİSAK and the Chairman of the Board of ESBAŞ, Dr Faruk Guler EGİAD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Stating that they have established YABİSAK as an NGO, university, municipality and private enterprise in order to attract software and IT professionals to Izmir and develop the ecosystem of this sector in the city and ensure His grouping, Dr Faruk Güler said: “We want to make Fair İzmir Tower the center of software developers in İzmir. As YABİSAK, we took the first step by renting the first floor of the tower. Izmir’s infrastructure is very suitable for bringing together the software and IT industry here. Izmir itself is a center of attraction for people who wish to work in this sector. We are also going to carry out a study that will organize the entire development process of the sector and ensure clustering, ”he said.

EGİAD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board, said that the software industry, which has rapidly shifted from an outsourcing service model to a scalable product model with the effect of digital products, from digital transformation and cloud computing, has caught the attention of investors and has received $ 1.5 trillion in venture capital and venture capital investments. We have a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem with continuous technology investments, R&D, innovation incentives and private sector start-up collaborations. However, according to the latest data, only 5% of our exports come from the software industry, which is considered a subset of the computer industry. When we look at similar countries, we observe that there is a potential of 2-3 percent.

YABİSAK coordinator Serap Sönmez said that the Association, which completed its official establishment in January 2021, convened the General Assembly in October to further develop the cooperation environment in the sector, to create opportunities in the field of education and employment, to play a role in facilitating its members’ access to financing and increasing activities to improve the city’s infrastructure for investors. He said he would continue.

CV to review artificial intelligence robots

After the opening speeches, the speakers of the seminar entitled “The polar star in the digital transformation of companies: Artificial intelligence and augmented reality”; They talked about developments in artificial intelligence and augmented reality and how these technologies will transform in the future.

Yumus Emre Aslan, Managing Director of Omegadata Software, said the finance, manufacturing, IT, telecom, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are the industries that use artificial intelligence the most. in their business processes, and pointed out that this technology is frequently used in human resource applications. enterprises. Aslan said: “The use of artificial intelligence in human resources is first used in the automatic review of CVs during recruitment. Artificial intelligence examines the use of written language in the CV and the compliance of its content with the company’s application requirements. The artificial intelligence robot also examines whether the CV owner’s data disclosed publicly with LinkedIn matches the data reflected in the CV. Noting that chatbots have also become very common in recruiting, Aslan continued, “Because chatbots increase the speed of interviews, they have started to be preferred by companies. The Tengai robot developed in Switzerland is used in interviews and in the future more and more people will need to interview Tengai to apply for a job. In video interviews, artificial intelligence interprets the digital signals it extracts from gestures and facial expressions. The fact that the job seeker looks away when asked a question turns into a digital signal for artificial intelligence. The international hotel chain Hilton is the company that has increased the use of artificial intelligence in recruiting the most. Through the use of artificial intelligence, Hilton has achieved an 85% increase in the productivity of corporate purchasing. With its artificial intelligence program called Mya, Loreal achieved an efficiency of 10% in interviews with more than 92,000 people. In Turkey, 64% of companies have never heard of or do not use artificial intelligence in their HR applications. Consequently, a formidable line of development is planned in this area.

Turkey will give first 5G signal in 2023

ESBAŞ Head of Information Systems and Technology Ali Umut Yüksel recalled the presidential communication presidency statement that Turkey will give the first 5G signal in 2023 and pointed out that the use of the technology in everyday life will accelerate with 5G. Pointing out that in the era of Society 5.0, when objects communicate with each other, technology has started to make incredible advancements in all areas of life, Ali Umut Yüksel said: “It is a fact that the IT support is at the origin of the modeling of prostheses in medicine, the modeling of the propagation of covid, and the rapid emergence of the vaccine. In order to improve the quality of life of disabled and elderly people, more robots will be produced to meet the cognitive and physical needs of people. We are entering a period when cars communicate with traffic lights and inform each other of empty parking spaces. Blockchan is a security mechanism and we are moving towards a period where no security element that is not written through this mechanism will be privileged. Yüksel pointed out that as the number of technological devices used on the Internet increases, the capacity of computer processors begins to decline and this bottleneck will be solved with quantum computers.

VR glasses will provide the opportunity to meet deceased people in a virtual environment

Yüksel said that in future applications of virtual reality technology, which is another area of ​​technological development, people will experience the feeling of meeting in a virtual reality environment while watching 3D images of their deceased loved ones at the using VR glasses. RGBKOD Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies Board Chairman Hasan Burak Alimoğlu, on the other hand, said that with virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, shopping in virtual stores to take home will increase, that all details of clothing, footwear or accessories viewed in-store over the phone, from packaging to product, can be viewed in 3D; and that the person can be viewed in 3D. He said he can order the product he loves instantly by trying it again in XNUMXD.

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