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The boss rejects the candidacy of a candidate for her weight, the recruiter expresses his dissatisfaction

Faye Angeletta, director of homebuilding and real estate recruiting firm TDM Recruitment, was left speechless after a business leader rejected a candidate for her weight. Angeletta asked her employer about the interview. He replied that he did not know. “The only thing that bothers me is that she’s not the thinnest girl… I’m not a tailor but it was kind of off-putting.” “Presentation is important to us and you know we have a ‘standard’ for our staff. He added that a person’s appearance is key to the position she is recruiting for, much to Angeletta’s surprise. She said that during her recruiting for new home sales positions, she had heard many reasons to reject a candidate – including having ‘a blast of garlic.’ “But none like it. She wrote this post on LinkedIn:” It’s an industry full of beautiful people In direct customer roles there is an expectation of presentation and there is no doubt that you have to watch the play on the spot.

“However, if you want to recruit on the basis of looks rather than ability, maybe try a modeling agency.” Angeletta responded and removed the candidate from the race for the job. She also informed the client that she was not interested in working with them. Talk to Indy100 Angeletta said the comments made by the employer were inappropriate. “Superficial” “arrogant” Particularly in a talent-strapped market. She said: “As an employer, you are free to share your concerns with a recruiter about the candidates presented, but there is a limit when it becomes discriminatory and downright insulting. Think twice about the words you choose when providing feedback, the candidate deserves to know why that is a no but not to feel intimidated by the process. “Constructive feedback that can provide areas for improvement for the candidate for future interviews is the best thing you can give to an unsuccessful candidate. That and basic respect! In comments to her post, she said the candidate in question has now found another role. Faye’s decision to remove the woman from the race was supported by LinkedIn users, as they called the man “absolutely disgusting.” One person said: “I would love to see a photo of this guy. Would he be a suitable candidate for men’s health coverage? Usually those who are not 10/10 would make these kinds of comments. Another user wrote: “It’s just a shame that it is not possible to name and shame. There seems to be a dearth of good new home sellers and it would be a shame if anyone works for such a tool! “

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