Job posting

TCS job offer: Translator for parental engagement required

Trion City Schools is looking for qualified candidates for a Parent Engagement Coordinator /Translator

Tasks include (but are not limited to):

  • Translate a variety of documents (literary, legal, technical, educational) and other materials, ensuring the preservation of the original meaning;

  • Consult with colleagues to understand specialized concepts and translate them appropriately;

  • Refer to online translation tools for further assistance with translation / interpretation;

  • Schedule meetings and appointments;

  • Attend meetings to translate / interpret for non-English speaking families;

  • Build and maintain relationships of trust with families;

  • Work with colleagues from different specialties to provide support to families

  • Communicate with parents, teachers and administrators to understand the challenges of students and their families specific to their culture and mother tongue;

  • Must also be able to perform receptionist duties as needed in school offices (greeting visitors, answering phone calls and taking / delivering messages.

Qualified candidates should have the ability to quickly grasp new concepts (eg, educational terms); a clear writing style with an impeccable knowledge of spelling and grammar; speak at least two foreign languages ​​fluently.

To Apply: Submit your Resume and Letter of Interest to Trion City Schools, 239 Simmons Street, Trion, GA 30753 or by email to [email protected].

Application deadline 30/11/2021.