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Tanzania: National Identity Requirement for Riles MP Job Application

NKENGE MP Florent Kyombo called on the National Assembly to suspend the work of the House to debate the requirement for Tanzanians applying for vacancies to have the National Identification Number (NIN) of the National Identification Authority (NIDA), stating it was denying them their rights.

Immediately after the question-and-answer session, the MP rose to seek the advice of the speaker to have his question debated as it was likely to affect Tanzanians who are now applying for the recent jobs which have been announced by the regional administration and local government office of the president (TAMISEMI).

The MP asked the vice president to put the running program on hold for at least ten minutes so MPs can debate and advise the executive on how best to employ the country’s youth without having to submit their NINs.

However, the Vice President said she did not know if there were any Tanzanians who did not have a NIN, as many of them registered with NIDA during an exercise to register their telephone numbers. phone after a directive from the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA).

“But if there are Tanzanians who don’t have the numbers yet and if NIDA cannot give them the numbers before the deadline for new jobs for teachers and health workers, the government should look for the best.” way for them to apply for the jobs, ”she noted.