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This is a role where the successful candidate will be expected to build relationships with service users to promote substance non-dependency and addictive behaviors. The role also includes providing training and groups. It will also be the responsibility of workers to support people in the common room and provide a friendly and approachable face to the charity.

The candidate will be a qualified counselor (level 4 or higher).

There will be an initial trial period of 3 months and the position is currently under contract until June 30, 2023

Purpose of the position:

  • Provide high quality service to clients who present to service with a history of substance abuse issues.
  • Be involved with service users, volunteers and peer mentors in the development and delivery of recovery-based programs.
  • Be involved in operational tasks.
  • Promote the health of service users.
  • To help service users reduce unnecessary or anti-social behavior.
  • Warmly welcome service users, their families, caregivers and referents.
  • Accept and process new referrals in the service.
  • Perform brief assessments to best meet the service user’s recovery needs.
  • Contribute to the development of advice and information files for service users.
  • Distribute advertising and informational materials to service users, including general leaflets and materials specific to the specialist services available (eg acupuncture, counselling, etc.).
  • Contribute to the development of group educational kits to increase knowledge and understanding of substance use and its effects.
  • Contribute to the development of generic groups that energize recovery capital.
  • Provide advice and information to users of the service.
  • Assess service users’ understanding of the range of services available, referral pathways and access to recovery
  • Helping individuals reduce their substance use and other risky behaviors.
  • Risk management and backup: to identify risks and communicate with relevant parties, including the service manager.
  • Provide groups, individual and group work programs.
  • Prepare and support service users for and during group work.
  • Support and encourage peer support and understanding to consolidate group work and learning.
  • Evaluate delivery and develop/adjust programs in response to feedback from service users.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of community resources and opportunities relevant to service users, including recreation, hobbies, hobbies, employment, training and education.
  • Help service users connect with recovery and the wider community.

Operational tasks:

  • Maintain appropriate records in accordance with high-level (north) trust policies.
  • Contribute to a place of safety for all service users and staff.
  • Assist clients on their recovery journey and help them integrate into the wider community.
  • Undertake any additional tasks as required by the department.
  • Attend meetings as directed.

Responsibilities: The incumbent must:

  • Perform duties in accordance with High Level (Northern) Trust policies and procedures.
  • Ensure High Level (Northern) Trust’s commitment to best practice in supporting and promoting the needs of service users as they work towards recovery.
  • Undertake evening and weekend rotational work as directed by the CEO/Director.

Use supervision effectively:

  • Follow managers’ advice on training needs and be prepared to work towards recognized qualifications.

Secondary missions:

  • Attend staff meetings as required.
  • Attend meetings as the appropriate High Level (Northern) Trust representative.
  • Participate in regular policy and practice reviews.
  • Undertake any other duties under the direction of the manager.
  • Attend regular supervision as directed by the service manager.
  • Explore evidence-based recovery initiatives that improve recovery capital for clients.

Only pre-selected people will be contacted.

Contact: CEO at email address above

High Level Trust (North)
Office 3
Champness Room
Drake Street
OL16 1PB
01706 860247