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Rebound-Local Business Helping Others Find “Legitimate Work From Home”

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan – With the dramatic increase in the number of people working from home over the past year, many are finding that this is what they want to do in the future. A local woman took her struggles personal and found a way to not only help herself but also help others.

Sheri Munsell started “Legit Work from Home Jobs” two years ago because she lives with a mental illness and says working from home has changed her life. She has been examining work from home opportunities for herself for a decade. “It’s very easy for me to support businesses because I sort of master it now,” she told Fox 17. “Lots of customer service, lots of tech support jobs. Lots of jobs. in data entry and chat support and the list continues of categories where we have been able to place people.

Sheri says her company offers a step-by-step approach to working from home, from the equipment you might need to work from home, resume building templates, an application overview, a skills video. interview and monthly job searches. “Who do we find it for you.” So if you really think you can’t find a work from home job and it’s been a very difficult process, you can hire us and we’ll find it for you, ”Munsell explained. The only service that costs more than $ 10 to $ 20 is their one-on-one coaching.

Hannah Fricker, who lives outside of Cincinnati, currently has three jobs, two full-time and one part-time, with help from “Legit Work from Home Jobs”. Hannah works full time as an account specialist for a delivery service, is a fraud specialist in the banking industry and works part time for a third company.

“I got a salary range of $ 14 to $ 22 an hour and there are jobs that pay more than that. I think working from home is going to be the new thing. I think a lot of people are going to start opting for this. It’s a lot cheaper, it’s a lot more convenient, ”Fricker told Fox 17.

Munsell says that anyone who sees something on her website that they need but worries about not being able to afford it, she says they should email her and that she will work with her to find out. ” make sure she gets the help she needs in her job search. Munsell’s goal is to help others, which is why she created a nonprofit in Grand Rapids called Hope Gain Network, helping others fight mental illness. For help finding a work from home job, click on their legitwahjobs.com.

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