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Prime Minister Imran Khan calls Shahbaz Sharif speech “job demand”

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday called opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif’s speech a “job demand” as he addressed the press ahead of the budget session.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has dismissed speculation his government is in danger over reports of the return of PMLN supremo Nawaz Sharif. “Every three months, we say that the government is in trouble. The government has no problem, ”he said on his way to Parliament after meeting with the federal cabinet.

The prime minister said he continued to hear from time to time of the return of Nawaz Sharif like the last time. However, he only returned after an agreement.

“It was the same when he [Nawaz] was in Saudi Arabia. He did not come back until an agreement was reached, ”Prime Minister Imran Khan said in his brief speech.

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Chaos in the National Assembly

As the PTI government tabled the controversial mini-budget, the opposition created chaos in the National Assembly. While opposing the mini-budget, the protest turned violent when a brawl broke out among lawmakers.

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MK Shagufta Jumani slapped Pakistani MK Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Ghazala Saifi during the National Assembly mini-budget session. Videos of the incident went viral on social media as internet users expressed shock at the incident.

Speaking to the media after the incident, Ghazala Saifi said that Jumani slapped her and even twisted her hand, adding that she had been injured in the hand.

“My finger broke,” she said. Saifi also assured that she would take legal action against Shagufta Jumani.

In addition to the brawl, the opposition also tore up the mini-budget. They chanted slogans against Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin and called him an “IMF agent” and “traitor”.

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Videos of the chaotic opposition protest have taken to social media, with netizens expressing disappointment with political leaders.

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