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Police: Local Man’s Subway Job Application Betrays Him in Counterfeit Money Case | Local News

ST. JOHNSBURY – Police say they tracked down a local man for using counterfeit money at the Subway restaurant after realizing the man also submitted a job application when transmitting the wrong money.

Vincent E. Schwab, 38, of St. Johnsbury, was cited by Cpl. Steven Hartwell on two counts of counterfeiting and retail theft.

According to cap. According to Hartwell’s report, Schwab went to the Subway restaurant on Federal Street on Tuesday night and paid for two drinks with a $ 50 bill. Shortly after, Hartwell noted, Schwab returned to the subway claiming he had received a fake $ 20 bill with his change from the previous purchase. An employee took his word for it and traded a bogus $ 20 for a real one.

After the dinner rush ended, Subway employees determined that the original $ 50 bill was counterfeit. They gave the police the fake $ 50 and the fake $ 20 and also provided another piece of useful evidence.

“The police collected the bills as evidence, also collected at the time of the bills was a restaurant job application that the suspect had filed at the time of the first purchase,” said Cpl. Hartwell wrote.

Based on the credentials on the app, police located and cited Schwab for counterfeit crimes. He is due to be brought to justice in the Superior Court of Caledonia on December 6.

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