Job application

New application rules for South Africa

The Department of Civil Service and Administration has issued a circular to all national and provincial departments informing that job applicants are no longer required to submit certified copies of their diplomas and other relevant documents on their applications.

Depending on the department, applicants must submit a completed Form Z83, copies of supporting documents, and a detailed resume.

Acting director general of public service and administration Linda Dludla said that in order to ease the administrative burden on human resources sections as well as costs for applicants, departments are encouraged to request copies certificates of diplomas and other documents relevant only to pre-selected candidates.

Shortlisted candidates must submit certified copies to the HR section no later than the day of the interview.

The acting DG said job seekers applying for job openings in all national and provincial government departments must still complete all fields in Parts A and B of the new Z83 form.

Applicants must respond to all fields as it is acceptable for an applicant to indicate not applicable but not acceptable to simply leave sections blank.

The department has urged applicants to complete all fields in full for Parts C and D. For Parts E, F, and G, where space is limited, applicants are permitted to indicate “see attached” Curriculum Vitae (CV), as long as the CV is attached with all the required information.

If the required information is not provided on the CV, the candidate may be disqualified.

“It should be noted that a CV is an extension of the Z83 job application and candidates are responsible for the information provided therein.

“Questions related to the conditions preventing reappointment in the civil service space under Part F must be answered, the declaration must also be completed and signed,” the acting director general said.

According to Dludla, applicants who fail to use the most recent Form Z83 for employment matters in accordance with Regulation 10 of the Civil Service Regulations 2016 will be disqualified.

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