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Job posting business saw steady 1% monthly growth: report

Hiring demand grew 1% sequentially in September, led by printing and packaging due to the surge in online sales, followed by BPO and ITeS, as well as import and packaging. ‘export, according to a report.

Compared with August, September has seen steady 1% monthly job posting growth this year, according to the Monster Employment Index of, a Quess company.

In September 2021, hiring demand for printing and packaging grew 11% sequentially due to the surge in online sales, followed by a slight increase in industries such as BPO / ITeS (5% ), import / export (4%), retail (2% cent) and travel and tourism (2%), he added.

At the same time, job vacancies improved 9% year-on-year in September compared to the same month in 2020, indicating an optimistic outlook for the rest of the year, the report notes.

Data from the index also indicated that hiring demand has increased by 8% in the past six months, even with the impact of the second wave of the pandemic, he added.

The Monster Jobs Index is a broad and comprehensive analysis of monthly online job posting activity conducted by Monster India.

In September 2021, location data showed that the cities of Baroda (3%), Ahmedabad (1%) and Delhi-NCR (1%) saw a positive increase in job posting activity of employment compared to the previous month.

However, hiring in most metropolitan cities saw a monthly decline, notably in Calcutta (-4%), Chennai (-4%), Bengaluru (-3%), Pune (-2%), Hyderabad (- 2%) and Mumbai (-1%), unlike their performance in recent months, according to the report.

This trend could be explained by back-to-office trends and remote work preferences of the workforce, he said.

Nevertheless, metropolitan cities remain in the lead with significant hiring activity year on year (September 2021 vs. September 2020) with Bengaluru (38%), Pune (22%), Hyderabad (20%), Chennai (18%)), Delhi (6%) and Mumbai (4%) show a promising increase, according to the report.

Online demand for purchasing / logistics / supply chain professionals (7%) leads with the highest monthly growth given the continued boom in e-commerce in India.

Roles in the arts / creation (6%), senior management (5%), HR and administration (4%), and finance and accounting (1%) also saw an increase in job postings month to month, the report says.

However, occupations such as law (-4%), sales and business development (-4%), software, computer hardware, telecommunications (-3%), hospitality and travel (-2 %) and healthcare (-1%) saw a decline in job posting activity in September 2021, he said. CEO Sekhar Garisa said, “As we approach the end of the quarter, it’s promising to see that we’ve seen 6% growth in hiring activity over the past three years. last months. With festive sales looming and a significant increase in e-commerce activities, it is noted that logistics and supply chain workstations are in high demand. “

Garisa added that with emerging back-to-office trends and increased immunization efforts, “we are bound to see a change in the Indian recruiting space for the better.”

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