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Jayanagar: Bangalore gang cheats on four people with offers to work from home | Bangalore News

BENGALURU: Four people have filed a complaint against two criminals and a private company in Jayanagar, accusing them of having deceived several people by promising to find them a work from home.
The plaintiffs alleged that the company offered data entry jobs and collected Rs 3,500-7,000 as a security deposit and Rs 200 in filing fees from each victim.
Amrut, 38, of West of Chord Road, west Bengaluru, and three other people – Mohan Das R, Pallavi and LG Ramesh – approached Jayanagar Police Station on Sunday and filed a fraud complaint against the suspects identified as Arjun, Pavan and Careertec Company. The police named them as accused in the FIR.
Amrut said he was looking for a work from home option and saw an ad announcing data entry job opportunities at an office in Jayanagar.
“I contacted the cell phone number listed in the ad. They asked me to take a test in their office, which I did on October 28. Arjun and Pavan received 200 Rs as administrative fees and 7,000 Rs as security deposit. They promised a salary of Rs 11,000 for a week and sent data sheets by email. I’ve finished the work. But they neither paid me for my work nor refunded my deposit. I learned that several people had been deceived by the same gang, ”Amrut said.
Police said Ramesh lost Rs 3,700, Mohan Rs 5,200 and Pallavi Rs 3,700.