Job posting scammer steals personal information from woman with fake job offer

A local woman thought she had found a job and instead got scammed using an online job search site.

“She called the company, they said they weren’t hiring for the job and that’s when she realized it was a scam,” said the Captain Josh Jones, Troy Police.

A young woman was looking to return home to Troy, used – a job search site, to find a job before the move. She saw a listing for a data entry clerk at a CPA firm, applied, and got a virtual interview.

“At the end of the interview, the person talking to him said you got the job we just need to set you up with payroll, we just need some of your payroll,” Jones said.

Jones says at the time, excitedly, she gave out her social security number and more. But his suspicions came too late.

After a call to the CPA firm, she learned that they were not hiring for the position at all.

“This is about a young victim who really didn’t do anything wrong, she just got caught in a scam,” Jones said.

The Trojan Police are unable to find out who these crooks are. They say these cases are difficult to resolve.

“It is a huge challenge for any local police department to investigate any crime that occurs in another state or country,” he said.

Jones says don’t just rely on online job postings, call the employer directly.

“It should raise a big red flag when you are offered a job in an interview and then asked for personal information – especially in an online interview,” he said.

In a covid world where everything is online now, police say this should serve as a warning.

“In general, be very protective of your personal information,” Jones said.

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