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How To Find A Data Entry Job From Home Jobs

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Now is a good time to find some extra income or a lucrative side business, and home data entry jobs fill that gap. The reason why these jobs are a great source of additional income is the ability to earn money without the need for specific expertise.

Compared to others work online from home, the data entry job tends to be a bit quicker to initiate due to the low level of experience and education.

Knowing what to look for

Finding a data entry job online is as easy as a quick search through a search engine. However, not all data entry jobs are the same. Additionally, scammers often target these kinds of posts, so it’s important to know what to look for before signing up. Ask yourself:

Do I have the right equipment?

Access to a high-speed internet line and a working desktop or laptop computer are the only requirements to get started. If you’re looking to add some transcription work, invest in studio headphones or sound-blocking headphones.

Does the offer make financial sense?

Data entry jobs are not difficult to do. In fact, these jobs are basic and entry level, which means there is no shortage of workers to do them. As a result, the pay rates on these projects are relatively low. Full time the data entry clerk earns around £ 17,433 per year, which works out to just over £ 8 an hour.

Is it a well established business?

Established online data entry sites will be easy to follow and trace across different platforms. It’s also worth checking out review sites to make sure the company is getting good marks.

Does the site require an upfront payment?

If you are dealing with a legitimate site, the answer to this question would be no. Scammers may ask you to purchase their training package in order to unlock higher paying gigs.

Easily find data entry work from home jobs via Facebook groups

There are a number of data entry groups on Facebook. By joining a few of them, you will quickly get a feel for the best and the worst data entry sites. Current users who are happy with a platform will recommend it to others.

Head to Craigslist

Craigslist has a classifieds layout that makes it easy to find job vacancies. You can also change the settings to broaden your search, for example, if you want to search in cities outside the UK.

Work your LinkedIn magic

LinkedIn has a great job search tool under the “Jobs” tab that allows you to search for data entry work anywhere in the world. It also allows you to refine your search based on the job posting date, company post, etc.

Data entry work from home job sites to try

It is important to know that there are sites that require you to bid for jobs, such as Independent and Guru. It takes a while to land a client, and you might not have access to as many projects as with an agency known for data entry work.

It is also difficult to verify the client you are dealing with because you do not have direct contact with them which could leave freelancers with no money.

Sites like Clickworker and Respondent are ideal for data entry workers who want to earn a decent income.

Here are some other popular job sites to consider:

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