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New Delhi: Google CEO Sundar Pichai said his company is planning roughly a 3/2 model, according to media reports. Under this model, Google employees will have to come to the office three days a week and the rest of the two days, staff will be able to work from anywhere, Pichai said. The comments from the CEO of Google came at a time when companies are faced with a dilemma regarding the hybrid model of work, work from home, work in the office and work remotely.Read also – Homework ends for TCS employees: this is how the IT major plans to bring his employees back to the office

Google employees for flexibility?

  • Pichai believes that the flexibility of three days of work from the office and two days of work from anywhere will provide employees with a good “balance”. Employees will have time at home and also with their colleagues in the office, according to a Business Insider report.
  • When asked if the concept of two days remote work and three days in the office would become a permanent change for Google, Pichai replied, “” I think so, “the Business Insider report said.
  • “Even in places like New York and San Francisco, our employees had to deal with long commutes and it was a real problem. And so I think people get a better balance in a three / two model. Pichai told Wall Street Journal editor Matt Murray.

Advantages and disadvantages of working from the office

One day at a time should be the mantra for keeping stress at bay, as people return to their desks in person after nearly two years of working from home, IANS reported citing experts. Also read – Work from home: employees may need to return to their home locations; Details here

During Covid-induced shutdowns and even after that, people have managed to learn the art of balancing home office work with other household chores, often even without the help of a housekeeper. For these people, returning to the office, getting into a new routine, and managing both family time and the office can become stressful, according to the IANS report. Also Read – Latest Work From Home News: How Indian IT Majors Plan To Call Back Employees To The Office

However, not everyone will feel stressed out, experts said. For some, it can be a relief to get back to routine and resume their social life and activities, according to the IANS report.

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