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Highest Online Job Postings in 4 Years – Business Journal Daily

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Job postings posted online through rose by 7,778 in May to the highest level of openings recorded in the past four years.

A total of 339,393 job openings were posted between April 14 and May 14, according to a report on Friday. That was an increase of 88,388 from a year ago.

There are more vacancies than unemployed job seekers. In May, the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family put its unemployment rate at 3.9%, the lowest level in at least two years. The state’s total labor force was 5.79 million people with only 226,300 unemployed.

Locally, the unemployment rate in Columbiana County was 3.8%, followed by Mahoning at 4% and Trumbull at 4.1%.

Statewide, 52.2% of job postings are for upper-middle-income ($50,000-$79,000) and middle-income ($30,000-$49,000) occupations. Opportunities listing upper middle earners came in at 26.2%, followed by middle earners at 26%, six-figure jobs at 22%, entry level (under $30,000) at 14.8% and high-income jobs ($80,000 to $99,000) at 11%.

Registered nurse (16,042) continues to lead the occupations with the most job openings in Ohio, followed by heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers (13,422), front-line supervisors of salespersons retail (11,785) and software developers (10,873).

Statewide, the majority of job openings seeking a bachelor’s degree at 42.2%, followed closely by GED/secondary education at 39.6%. In northeast Ohio, the plurality of jobs, 43.7%, seek a high school diploma with 37.7% requiring a bachelor’s degree. 13.4% have an associate’s degree, 2.6% a master’s degree, and 2.5% a doctorate, all very similar to state figures.

Northeastern Ohio, the 18-county region comprising Mahoning, Columbiana and Trumbull counties, posted 110,592 job openings during the same period, an increase of 1,208 from a year ago. a month ago and 25,862 compared to a year ago.

In this region, employers are looking for registered nurses (6,414), front-line supervisors of retail salespersons (4,669), heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers (4,193) and retail salespersons (3 245).

The salary ranges in this field are 28.7% middle income, 27.5% upper middle income, 16.9% entry level, 16.8% six figure and 10.1% high income .

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.