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Follow job posting rules to the letter or eliminate risks

Are you “play by the rules” when it comes to applying for jobs? While the framework for all federal job postings is the same, sometimes individual agencies often have specific requirements. Anytime you don’t “follow the rules” you run the risk of being knocked out.

Here is some recent information I gathered from various USAJOBS publications:


• Your application will be marked “blind” by your office’s assessment and ranking panel and will be assessed solely on the content and strength of your written responses. To assist in this effort, please remove all personally identifiable and / or protected class information from your application by finding and removing common gender identifiers (e.g., her, her, hers, females). Watch out for indirect clues that can identify your gender identity, age, location, education, GS level (or equivalent), and years of experience.

• Your CV must indicate the work schedule, the hours worked per week, the dates of employment and the tasks performed.

• Qualifications are based on breadth / level of experience. In addition to describing the duties performed, applicants must provide the exact dates of each period of employment (from MM / DD / YY to MM / DD / YY) and the number of hours worked per week if it is a part-time job. Since qualifying determinations cannot be made when resumes do not include the required information, failure to provide this information may result in disqualification.

• It is essential that your resume provides enough information to justify your answers to the self-assessment questions on vacancies. If your answers are not sufficiently supported by your curriculum vitae, your application will be considered ineligible.

• Open to the first 200 applicants or until 6/9/2021, whichever comes first. All applications submitted by 11:59 am EST on the closing day will be considered.

• You must hold a diploma, one that includes or has been completed by at least 24 semester hours appropriate to the work of the position to be filled. Coursework must have included study in at least four of the following five areas.

• This is a continuous advertisement open for 60 days, or until all positions are filled. It will be used to fill immediate and future vacancies for this agency. There may be multiple deadlines, the first being 10 days after the original opening date of 08/12/2020. Additional deadlines can be set as needed until all vacant positions have been filled.

• Due to COVID-19, the AGENCY is currently in a mandatory telecommuting position until September 7, 2021. If you are selected, you will be allowed to telecommute temporarily from a location outside of the commuting zone. local. Once employees are cleared to return to the office, you will be required to report to the duty station indicated on this advertisement within 60 days. At that time, you will be able to request telework in accordance with the AGENCY telework policy.

• If you meet the minimum qualifications, you may be asked to take a computerized test (CBT) to confirm your English language proficiency and assess your radiographic interpretation skills. After successfully completing the CBT, you may be scheduled for additional assessments, which include: (1) a structured interview to determine, among other qualities, your decision-making ability and your ability to work with teams and the general public; (2) drug testing; and (3) an employment-related medical assessment which includes a color vision test, a vision examination, a hearing examination and an adequate joint mobility examination (in part to determine the physical potential to lift and / or repeatedly carry up to 50 pounds, to stand for extended periods (eg 3 to 4 hours) without a break and walk up to three miles during a shift).

• Applications will be accepted online until 11:59 pm Eastern Daylight Time on the Job Posting Closing Date (JOA). However, if a sufficient number of applications are received, the advertisement may be closed before the deadline for publication of applications. Therefore, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply early online and before the ad closing date.

• You must use your existing USAJOBS account when applying for other vacant TSO positions. If you need assistance accessing your existing USAJOBS account, please contact USAJOBS through the Contact Us link. Each time you submit an application for a vacant TSO position, you must update your profile and demographic information, answer each application question, resubmit any applicable documentation, and select Finish at the end of the application. Otherwise, the request will be considered incomplete and will not be processed. Applicants should each use their own individual email address when applying for a TSO job posting. Email addresses are used as unique identifiers in the system. Therefore, if you apply using the same email address as another TSA candidate, all applications from each candidate sharing that account will be affected.

Although some of the above requirements are similar; there are certainly differences. Read all posts carefully, not all are the same, even if they look the same at first glance!

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