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Fake job posting steals Florida woman’s identity

Online job postings are becoming a popular way to steal people’s identities, and it can be devastating. A woman in Florida has discovered how difficult it can be to repair the damage once this happens.

The identity theft victim worked remotely as an assistant operations manager until she lost her job due to the sale of the business. That’s when she started her online job search. She found what seemed like a great option fairly quickly, but it didn’t turn out to be the case. Instead, it was an identity theft scam.

Unfortunately, the scam was very successful as the victim provided the scammer with all the information that is usually provided on a job application. The victim believed she was applying for a job in sales marketing for a legitimate business in Kansas. She even researched the company to make sure it was legitimate. However, the post was actually published by an impostor. The impostors were using the information they gathered to try to get unemployment benefits in California. She had received a text message stating that her ID had been used to claim unemployment benefits, which made her understand that there was a problem.

The victim contacted the employment agency and the man claiming to represent the company she had applied to for a job. The man claimed to be employed by a company that had been hired to interview for the company posting the job. However, the company that she said published the post said they did not publish it.

The job was just a scam to steal the identity of the candidates. The victim alerted the police, put his bank accounts on hold and resumed his job search. She has found a job but still cannot access some of her accounts. She got help accessing her DEO Connect account; however, it was locked, so she could not get her tax documents. She continues to receive help and should be able to unblock her account. But, the whole experience was difficult for her.

People should be careful to make sure that a job posting is legitimate before giving out personal information. If you see a job that interests you, it’s often a good idea to go directly to a company’s website to verify the job. If necessary, you can even call the company to find out if a job is legitimate.

Final thoughts

Fraudulent job postings are becoming common enough that it’s important to make sure a job is legitimate before you apply. If you believe your personal information has been stolen, you should contact the police and your bank. You should also issue a credit freeze and consider checking your background. A background check will allow you to see if your identity has been used for criminal purposes.

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