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Best Innovative Way To Make Money Online

“Online work” previously meant “money-making scam”. You might find a job selling things online for a commission or blogging for money, but these rarely provided a living wage, or even enough change to justify the time commitment. The times have changed. The internet has finally become profitable not only for start-up entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, but also for ordinary people with day-to-day skills.

That doesn’t mean the scams are gone. In fact, you need to be more careful than ever as bogus opportunities have become more sophisticated in their marketing. Click here to discover five online job scams and learn how to spot them.

You don’t need to create your own website or start a business (although those elements are definitely helpful.) You can sign up for a ready-made network and practice your craft among like-minded artisans. .

What are these services? How can you register? Here is a list of side concerts for you to have fun.

Stock photography

You are an ace with a camera. You capture eye-catching images and you know how to set the scene. You can turn this skill into income online by listing your images on photography sites like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock. You receive a royalty when customers purchase the right to use your work. These sites are always on the lookout for a variety of images, from lavish food photography to eye-catching scenes of natural beauty.

These services don’t want pretty snapshots. Salable stock photos are professionally taken and edited and often require certain file formats. Carefully review the business requirements before downloading them. If you can’t afford Adobe Photoshop, learn more about the free program that basically does everything it does.


You already watch a lot of videos online, so why not make some extra cash while you do it? Swagbucks is a site that rewards its users with gift cards for responding to surveys, watching certain videos, or researching the web with its search engine. You earn points for participating in Swagbucks activities and you can then redeem those points for PayPal gift cards or cash back.

Following:6 common mistakes scammers make – and how to avoid them

Following:6 common mistakes scammers make – and how to avoid them


Do you have super-fast typing fingers? The online transcription company SpeakWrite hires independent contractors and allows them to set their own schedules and work from home. SpeakWrite says its typists earn an average of about $ 300 per month, while the bigger ones earn over $ 3,000. You first need to pass a typing test which judges you for speed and accuracy and requires you to have some experience in transcription and word processing.


Artists and designers upload their original work to Society6, which then prints the images on a variety of products. Society6 offers an incredible range: T-shirts, pillows, wall hangings, duvet covers and iPhone cases, among countless others. Society6 takes care of all the fulfillment; artists can focus on their creations and receive a commission on whatever is sold. It’s a bit like Etsy, but you don’t have to worry about physically creating or shipping your work.

Mechanical Turkish

Amazon describes its Mechanical Turk service as a “job market”. When you register as a worker, you can then choose the tasks to be performed. These tasks may involve translating text from one language into another, evaluating search results, determining whether a website is suitable for an audience, correcting spelling, or extracting usable information from it. ‘images. Usually, tasks don’t pay much, but they usually don’t take a lot of time.

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Rabbit task

TaskRabbit lets people post simple tasks like assembling furniture, cleaning the house, shopping for groceries, or helping with moving. You can register as a “Tasker” and earn money by completing these tasks. With its new options, tasks can be confirmed in five minutes and completed in 90 minutes. Not only is this good for users who are short on time, but it also gives Taskers more opportunities to work throughout the day. Click here for other great opportunities for retirees.


Whether you are a seasoned interior designer or just starting out, Homepolish gives you the freedom to be an independent contractor, but you have access to Homepolish’s customer network, support and advice. Currently, Homepolish is available in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Richmond, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC. Houston, Jersey City, Miami and Portland.


Massage therapy is rewarding, but getting started is difficult. You need to build a client list or find a job at a massage center. This is where Zeel seeks to make a difference. The app allows clients to connect with massage therapists for same-day in-home massages. As a massage therapist, you receive a notification when a loved one wants an appointment. Zeel says massage therapists get a 75% discount from every payment, and that he automatically handles late cancellation fees. For security reasons, Zeel says he has a client-side identity verification system and massage therapists can rate clients, so problematic ones are screened out. It is currently available in over 50 cities.

User test

UserTesting hires contractors to test websites and provide feedback via videos. Companies use it to assess how well their sites are working and to test new redesigns. Workers are typically paid $ 10 per test. Some testers report that opportunities can be sporadic and competitive. But as a recurring gig, UserTesting can be a real boon for people already online.

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Pack and ship packages

If you’re a racing ace and love to drive, Shyp might be for you. When customers have something to ship, they can call a courier (you) through the Shyp app. The courier arrives within 20 minutes, packs the item with the appropriate materials, and picks it up for shipment with the cheapest carrier. Shyp is designed to make it easy to sell on eBay, send gifts, and return online purchases. Currently, Shyp is available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.

Be a modern day butler

Unless you were a wealthy aristocrat, you probably never thought you could have a butler. Hello Alfred wants to bring butlers (or Alfred Client Managers, as they are officially called) into regular households. For $ 32 per week, customers can claim a butler-like visit for tidying up and groceries. Customers can schedule more tours per week or pay extra per item to pick up special foods, dry clean, ship items, and other groceries. If you want to become an “Alfred” you can earn up to $ 25 an hour.

If none of the above interests you, you might be able to sell handmade crafts, get paid for your opinion, create and share videos, or even get paid to watch TV. Click here for even more legitimate ways to make money online.

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