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A man makes a mistake in his job application and sends a photo of his dog instead of taking his resume

The internet found the failed resume absolutely hilarious.

A Twitter user has quit the internet multiple times after revealing he accidentally sent a picture of a dog dressed as Steve Jobs instead of his resume.

Taking to social media, David Bryon Queen shared an image from his resume. He wrote a professional but concise email thanking the employer for considering him for the job. “I appreciate you keeping me in mind! I’ve attached my CV in case you want to keep it on file,” Mr David wrote.

However, instead of attaching his CV, Mr. David actually sent a photo of a dog dressed as Steve Jobs. The image also included the date of birth and death of the founder of Apple.

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In the caption, Mr David said: ‘The time I accidentally sent a photo of a dog dressed as Steve Jobs instead of my CV.’ In the following tweet, he jokingly said, “be careful what you save in your ‘jobs’ folder”.

Since being shared, her Twitter post has received over 241,000 likes and around 16,000 retweets. Netizens found the CV fail absolutely hilarious. One user said, “I spent 7 minutes crying laughing because of this, I have to lie down.”

Another added: “The internet really comes through sometimes. Does anyone else find it as funny as I do, or am I just a kid?” Someone else noted, “I think I needed it today because I can’t stop laughing.” A fourth user laughed, “I haven’t laughed this hard in weeks.”

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Meanwhile, a while ago, in another hilarious case, a girl made the most humorous and inventive use of the wedding site. Udita Pal, co-founder of a Bengaluru-based company, tried to hire the man whose profile her father had shared with her for marriage purposes. His post on Twitter had garnered thousands of likes and retweets.

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