Job posting

A job offer arrived 24 years too late in Andhra Pradesh

Allaka Kedara Eswara Rao was thrilled when he saw his name in the final merit list of the District Selection Committee (DSC) examination held in 1998.

Having a government job, Mr. Rao, then 32, had many dreams. However, the dreams never came true as his appointment letter never arrived. The display of 4,534 qualified candidates for the DSC examinations organized by the then undivided Andhra Pradesh government has been suspended.

The candidates will finally get their jobs after a long legal battle that lasted not a year or two, but 24 years. At the initiative of the state government, a notification was issued recently confirming that the candidates would finally be assigned as teachers in public schools.

The wait of more than two decades has been hard on Mr. Rao.

“I made my living selling clothing on a cycle. If I had been appointed at the right time, my life would have been different. Although I was selected for a government job two decades ago, I struggle to earn two meals a day. I earn ₹4,000 per month now,” says Mr. Rao, a resident of Sidi village near Patapatnam in Srikakulam district.

When asked if he would join the post, he replied: “The retirement age is 62. I will have a few years of service before I retire. I’m going back to work.

Some of the candidates opted for jobs in private schools, while others settled into various professions.

Mr Rao said he had gone through a difficult time during the coronavirus pandemic as he almost lost his livelihood due to the restrictions imposed.

“With almost no income, I was struggling to make ends meet,” says Mr Rao, who has never married.

“With such meager income, how can you even think about marriage,” he adds.

He was surprised when news of the assignment spread. “I am happy now. But, nothing can be proportionate to the delay,” he says.