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9 Home Jobs That Pay Over $ 100,000 & How To Land One

Good news for people who love their jobs, but hate the office! More and more companies are choosing to operate on remote teams.

Some of the fastest growing remote jobs are in STEM fields (for example, programmers, actuaries, and data scientists), which grew by 50% in 2018, says Brie Reynolds, senior specialist in careers at FlexJobs. The growth of remote jobs has also increased in sectors such as finance, banking, insurance, healthcare and real estate.

Keep in mind, however, that the term “remote work” can mean anything from remote working a few days a week (and the rest in the office) to 100% remote. Either way, working remotely has many advantages: it allows employees to save time and money on commuting, as well as better control over their work schedule and their environment. . Companies are also realizing that beyond real estate savings, hiring remote workers expands their talent pool and increases retention.

If you are looking to land a well-paying remote job, an effective strategy is to search using different keywords (eg, “work from home“, “virtual”, “telecommute”, “flexible”, “at part-time “and” part-time “). Match these keywords with job titles or related skills (for example, “work from home project manager” or “WordPress telecommuting”).

With that in mind, here are some high-demand, high-paying remote jobs that can earn you a salary of $ 100,000 or more:

1. Psychiatrist

2. Medical director

Companies are also realizing that beyond real estate savings, hiring remote workers expands their talent pool and increases retention.

3. Data scientist

4. Software engineer

Average salary: $ 107,273
The work: Software engineers work with programming languages ​​to create, scale, or improve products. The basic languages ​​used by software engineers are Java, Javascript, SQL, C ++ and Python. The work is surprisingly collaborative, so expect to
work closely with coders and UX designers.
How to get the job: You must have a BA or BS in Computer Science, Information Systems, Software Engineering, or Mathematics. At the very least, you’ll need to be proficient in versatile hardware, software, and programming language.

5. Actuarial analyst

Average salary: $ 102,734
The work
: This is a risk management role that uses statistical models to assess the risks and costs associated with potential events, such as death, accidents, or property damage. Actuaries generally work in the insurance industry, and their responsibility is to predict how much money a business needs now to cover certain financial losses in the future.
How to get the job: Actuary
jobs require professional certification. You will need to take several exams, such as the P exam and the FM exam. The job requires proficiency in Excel to sort and format data, so you will be in better shape if you can boast of these advanced skills. Emphasize any experience closely related to data analysis, risk management or investments.

6. Senior business analyst

7. Senior product manager

8. UX architect

9. Senior Information Security Consultant

Remote working is not for everyone

Remote work is not the equivalent of freedom. “A common misconception about remote working is that you have the freedom to take care of your child or travel during the day,” says Stella Garber, Marketing Manager at Trello Atlassian (she also works remotely). “To be a remote worker, you need to be available for calls and meetings during a predictable period of time. “

Also, because new communication and project management tools are constantly being developed, teleworkers will have to master and adapt to these platforms. It can take a lot of time and patience.

Lisette Sutherland, Director of Collaboration Superpowers and author of “Work Together Anywhere” explains that in order to land (and keep) the remote job of your dreams, “you need to be able to quantify what you are doing, show your productivity and how it will improve as you work. from a distance.”

In other words, build trust over time.

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