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7 well-paying homework jobs all pay $ 90,000 a year or more

Today, 80% of American workers say they would turn down a job offer that doesn’t offer flexible work options. In addition, more than a third say they would favor flexible working arrangements over a more prestigious role.

This is according to the 2019 Remote Work Statistics Report from FlexJobs. But you don’t have to trade in your substantial salary for more flexibility. FlexJobs’ sister site, Remote.co, used data from its platform to create a list of high paying remote jobs that are available now. Each of these jobs pays a minimum of $ 90,000 per year, according to the salary range indicated in the job posting. They also offer employees the option of working from home if they wish.

Take a look below at the high paying jobs you should consider applying for if you want the opportunity to work remotely:

7. Senior Sitecore Developer

The description: As the Senior Sitecore Developer, you will be responsible for collaborating with development, project managers, and stakeholders to execute quick projects on a tight development schedule.

Salary: $ 95,000- $ 105,000

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6. Growth product manager

The description: As a Growth Product Manager, some of the tasks you will be responsible for include developing a paid acquisition strategy, launching paid marketing campaigns, and defining KPIs for a business.

Salary: $ 95,000 – $ 112,000

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5. Director of Development

The description: As a Director of Development, you will be responsible for overseeing, coordinating and executing a strategic development plan for a company.

Salary: $ 100,000 – $ 120,000

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4. Company controller

Description: As a Corporate Controller, some of your duties will include leading financial reporting and accounting processes such as monthly and annual closing, revenue recognition, reporting, budgeting and tax compliance.

Salary: $ 100.00 – $ 150,000

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3. Senior Full Stack Developer

The description: As a full stack senior developer, you should be comfortable working with product managers, designers, UX researchers, and other stakeholders.

Salary: $ 110,000 to $ 140,000

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2. Director of Law and Policy

The description: As Director of Law and Policy, some of your responsibilities may include managing legislative and political work by creating political solutions, making recommendations on political positions, drafting laws, and monitoring electoral politics.

Salary: $ 125,000 – $ 150,000

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1. Senior software engineer