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6 Work from home High paying jobs

Working from home seems to be the thing of 2020. The pandemic has surely made many “WFH” office jobs. But there are specific skills that can be mastered that would also give you a good paycheck. Nowadays, people are looking for opportunities online. In the digital age, there is a lot of work that can be done through many online portals. While there is a limitation to these jobs, here are some work from home jobs that pay well:

Content writing

One of the most common and famous freelance jobs is content writing. Content writing is all about creating written articles, blogs, or online portals. If you have basic language skills and have a general interest in writing, this is one of the best options for you. You don’t need to have a solid academic background, a few basic skills and a simple understanding of the wording of the content would work wonders. Many businesses often have an opening for content and creative writers. It is one of the jobs that can be done from home without going to a real office. You may even have the choice of blogging. Writing content for blogging sites can also be of interest to many. There are several genres that we can follow:

  • To travel
  • Way of life
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Technical
  • Review
content writing

Online tutor

If you have a passion for teaching or enjoy being an educator? It is a good option for you. Most online teaching portals decide on remuneration based on the hours invested by the teacher. One of the key aspects of online education is the freedom of time. You can decide how much time and hours you want to invest in the job. If you have a good grasp of a particular language or subject, you can work as a specialist for the same. Online tutoring also includes the option to be a pronunciation specialist, where you teach students to speak a language like a native speaker. Languages ​​focus on English, foreign and regional languages. Subjects like social studies, math, science, and technical subjects like coding and Java, C ++ can be taught online. Many online portals are always looking for good educators for these topics.

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online tutor

Graphic design

A graphic designer is one who creates posters, images, logos that are used both digitally and in print. It can be a business or a project. We can partner directly with the customer. You can easily find jobs and projects on many job portals and social media posts. You just need to be good at photoshop skills and have a good understanding of the colors and patterns and the vibe that the poster should convey. You can get paid by the project and also charge for edits and changes you are asked to make. Many freelance designers create packages and often market their services on social media websites.

graphic designer
graphic designer


If you are good at a particular language, this is the job you can do. Translation work pays quite well. In a country like India where there are many companies and associations looking for translators to translate works from regional languages ​​into common languages ​​like Hindi and English. It also involves translations from foreign languages. This independent work requires a perfect command of at least two languages, both in reading and in writing. Translation work is common in publishing and printing houses. One can work according to their convenience and also earn with basic life skills.


Data entry

Considered easy, but entering data is a big job for many businesses. Properly transferring a large database of information from one type of case to the desired one is the main task of the hired person. All you need is a computer and good typing. Businesses often give huge folders of information to these entries and ask them to type them into an excel sheet or create a document for the same. Payment is generally made on file or in Word format, depending on the company’s payment choice. This is a good option for someone looking for a job that doesn’t require special skills or wants to work for a simple job.

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data entry

Social media marketing

Would require daily engagement, social media marketing posts content on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. This involves planning the marketing content and visual representation and creative content for the same. Make engaging content and planning the same as per client’s requirements.

social media marketing
social media marketing

Along with these jobs, apps like Google Task mate are good alternatives for people looking for remote work.

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