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5 tips to make your application stand out

According to LinkedIn, each job offer posted on LinkedIn receives an average of more than 250 applications! The point is that only 3 to 5 candidates out of these 250+ candidates will ever be called for an interview!

Here are five job search tips that can help your job application stand out and ensure you are more successful in your job search.

1. Personalize your application for each position:

If you use the same resume and apply for multiple jobs, it’s no surprise that your application goes unnoticed. Every application you send out should be tailored to the job you’re applying for, otherwise it’s next to impossible for you to be called in for an interview.

Your resume should match the requirements of the job advertised. Personalize your applications and you will have more success in your job search.

2. Make sure your CV has a nice layout and a clear flow:

Did you know that a recruiter only spends 10 seconds reading your CV before deciding to reject or shortlist the candidate? Your resume should provide enough reasons for the recruiter to want to speak with you and find out more about you. So make sure that your CV has a nice layout, a clear flow, and gives the recruiter the necessary information to shortlist your application.

3. Use the right action words and the right numbers:

Using the right words is essential to make sure your application gets noticed. Make sure to use words that are part of the job description, mention the key skills that are indicated in the job posting so that if there is an ATS selection CV, your application will be shortlisted without any problems .

When sharing your accomplishments in your resume, use “action” words that make an impact and always include numbers. This helps the recruiter instantly understand what your accomplishments are and relate them to the needs of the position they’re hiring for.

4. Maintain a professional online presence:

44% of recruiters rejected candidates after viewing their online profile. Not having a strong online presence could raise questions about your ability to adapt to changing trends and be more digital.

You need to have a professional online presence, which means your photos, posts, and comments should be clean and not messy or controversial. Develop yourself as an expert and make sure that your online profile reflects your expertise and experience.

5. Ensure clear communication throughout the process

When communicating with recruiters, make sure your communication is specific and clear. Don’t combine multiple issues into one email or one call. Always try to fully understand the questions and provide the information relevant to them.

Clear and thoughtful answers reflect that you understand the role, that you have the skills and experience to perform the role. This in turn will ensure that your application is viewed favorably and excites the recruiter or hiring manager.

So just follow the five tips above and be more successful in your job search. Remember, success is at the intersection of opportunity and preparation. So identify the right roles for which to apply and prepare your application well. This will definitely ensure that your application stands out in the crowd and that you are successful in your job search!

Article by Swati Hirey, Founder of Job Boosts and CEO of Source Solutions Incorporated.

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