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5 Best Online Jobs for Teenagers

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One of the advantages of the Internet is the ability to work from anywhere.

Key points

  • Online jobs provide opportunities for teens to gain work experience.
  • Legit job sites now include jobs for teens.

Like most things in life, the Internet is neither entirely good nor entirely bad. Of course, it’s through the internet that we learn that our favorite uncle walked through his college campus and our high school civics teacher has a hernia. But the Internet also offers opportunities.

For example, the internet has enabled millions of people to work from home throughout the pandemic. And now the internet is providing job opportunities for teens who may not have the transportation they need to get to a part-time job, or teens who just feel more comfortable to work from home.

If you’re a teenager looking for a job you can work from home, we consider these five online jobs to be the most promising for teens today.

1. Data entry clerk

age requirement

National average salary

16 and over

$16 to $17 per hour

If you’re a fast and accurate typist, data entry might be the perfect part-time job. A variety of industries need the services of reliable data entry clerks. While some companies allow someone as young as 16 to work as a data entry clerk, others require employees to be at least 18 years old.

2. Customer Service Representative

age requirement

National average salary

16 and over

$9 to $10 per hour

Are you energized by helping others understand things? Once a company trains you as a customer service representative, you’ll need to deal with all kinds of people – a skill that will stand you in good stead as you transition into adulthood. You can give advice by phone or chat.

age requirement

National average salary

14 years and over

$20 to $22 per hour

If you’re a bit of a social media expert, you’ll be interested to know that there is a real need for social media marketing assistants. If you can’t find a long list of these positions on job boards, that’s okay. Think of all the businesses in your area, from dry cleaners to golf courses. Do they have a strong online presence? Otherwise, visit them or call them. Ask to speak to the owner or manager of the establishment and let them know you’d like to help with their social media. If you’re struggling to get your first contract, take a job for free, just to have a site you can share with potential clients.

4. Online Tutor

age requirement

National average salary

14 years and over

$15 to $30 per hour

Everyone has a special skill. For example, if you’ve always been good at math, speak a foreign language, play an instrument, or can practically recite the address of Gettysburg, there’s a student somewhere who can use your expertise. While some job sites require tutors to be 18 or older, others are happy to hire younger tutors. Keep an eye out for the type of tutoring job that best matches your skills.

5. Graphic designer

age requirement

National average salary

16 and over

$19 to $20 per hour

If you have an eye for graphic design and are proficient with design software, websites like Redbubble and Fiverr give you the ability to upload designs that can be sold on merchandise. Imagine one of your designs on a coffee mug, t-shirt or sticker. You’ll need to promote your work to generate sales and you’ll only receive a percentage of the profits, but it’s a great way to gain experience and grow your portfolio.

Where to start

Check out one of these job sites to get started:

If you’re a graphic designer, any of these sites can help:

Do’s and Don’ts

You may be excited to start your job search and earn some money to save towards your goals, but the most important thing you can do right now is prepare. These do’s and don’ts can form a basis for your job search.


  • Let your parents know that you are looking for a job online.
  • Consider the types of jobs that interest you the most.
  • Prepare a CV and cover letter. Free online templates make it easy for you.
  • Check reputable job search boards for part-time employment.
  • Listen to your instincts. If one job doesn’t suit you, move on to another.


  • Agree to meet anyone in real life.
  • Accept any job listed as a personal ad.
  • Agree to work for pennies on the dollar because you are a teenager.
  • Accept a job without discussing it with your parents.

While it’s true that you’ll spend a good part of your adult life working, there’s no better time than now to figure out what you like and what you’re good at. This is also the perfect time to start learning about money. An online job can help with that.

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