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Grand Theft Auto 6: Rockstar’s latest job offer sparks rumors of an all-new framework for the game

Rumors have always hinted at Rockstar planning to move to an international setting for Grand Theft Auto 6. These rumors are even more substantiated as fans dig for clues in Rockstar’s latest job listing. Rockstar had previously incorporated international locations into GTA Online gameplay with the Cayo Perico heists taking players to Colombia. It’s quite […]

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Axel Springer seeks to list StepStone online job vacancies

German media group Axel Springer to release and list its online job portal StepStone in Frankfurt, hoping to secure a € 7 billion valuation for the unit at a launch scheduled for the first half of next year. Private company Axel Springer has appointed Rothschild as its IPO adviser and is in the process of […]

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Man fills out job application before stealing business on his way out – Antonio Walker, Jr. #Busted – Scoop: Nashville

Antonio Walker Jr., 22, entered the Olympus Group and filled out an application and provided all of his contact details, hoping to receive a job offer. On his way out, he managed to steal $ 300 in cash and a credit card from an office and pull on the doorknobs in the parking lot. He […]

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A man was showered with offers after posting an unusual application video | Tendency

What would you do when looking for a job? Probably create a profile on a job portal, scroll through job postings and apply. But this man did something very unique to grab the attention of potential recruiters. Named Jay Beech, the man created an application video. And guess what? He started receiving several job offers […]

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KFC’s Response to Woman’s Job Application Called “Most Shocking Rejection Letter Ever”

A letter from KFC sent to a woman who applied for a job at a branch of the fast food chain in Durham went viral on social media and called the ‘most cranky rejection of all time’ KFC rejection letter has gone viral (stock photo) ( Image: SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images) A […]

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What is the best time of day to apply? Experts reveal it all

One of the most frustrating aspects of job hunting is how little knowledge you have about the recruiting process and how everything seems to be out of your control. However, some recruiting experts suggest when you decide to submit a job application can have a significant impact on your chances. indy100 spoke to HR and […]

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Homework Jobs Office Work News Google CEO Sundar Pichai

New Delhi: Google CEO Sundar Pichai said his company is planning roughly a 3/2 model, according to media reports. Under this model, Google employees will have to come to the office three days a week and the rest of the two days, staff will be able to work from anywhere, Pichai said. The comments from […]