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15 great home jobs for parents

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Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on FlexJobs.com.

As parents know, juggling the responsibilities of day-to-day life often makes them highly skilled at multitasking, especially during the pandemic.

The desire to pursue a career while being available to your children can mean finding a job online that combines the schedule of a working parent with the financial needs of the family. Looking for stay at home jobs for moms and dads can be the perfect way to fulfill obligations at home and in a career.

According FlexJobs Survey of Working Parents, the ability to work flexibly is one of the biggest contributors to a healthy work-life balance and can be life changing. The FlexJobs database lists thousands of work-from-home jobs that offer parents the option of working comfortably from a home office.

We’ve listed many great stay-at-home jobs for moms and dads, along with their PayScale median salary and a link to related open jobs with flexible remote hiring right now.

1. Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative
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Median salary: $37,907

Remote customer service roles are many. Workers who can take phone calls, answer inquiries, provide customer support and perform administrative tasks will be well qualified for this type of role.

You will need a quiet home office and the ability to learn and use technology and software.

2. Data Entry Specialist

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Median salary: $35,833

One of the most popular jobs for stay-at-home moms and dads, data entry stations can be very flexible roles that allow you to manage your daily routine with your children by working while they sleep or are at school.

Employers hiring for data entry jobs often require strong keyboarding skills and attention to detail, skills that many parents already possess.

3. Recruitment Coordinator

Remote business meeting
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Median salary: $45,485

If you think you might enjoy helping people find a new job, a recruitment position might be a good fit. Recruitment coordinators typically assist HR staff with reviewing resumes, conducting background checks, participating in interviews, and onboarding new employees.

4. Concealer

caring home worker
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Median salary: $43,126

Proofreaders are generally very detail oriented and can find even the smallest of errors. As a remote proofreader, you will ensure consistency, check formatting, confirm facts, check grammar, etc.

5. Writer/Blogger

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Median salary: $48,732

Many publications and online resources focus on parenting topics. Use your parenting experience as motivation to get paid write.

Contribute to a parent-focused website, social media, or other publications. Or, use your financial management expertise or career orientation as a basis for contributing. Use your storytelling skills to earn money!

6. Transcriptionist

Senior woman working remotely
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Median salary: $32,861

Transcription work for stay-at-home parents are available with remote, part-time, and flexible scheduling options. Common tasks of a transcriptionist include transcribing audio or written content, reviewing reports, and correcting errors. Most jobs will require the ability to type 75 words per minute or more.

7. Virtual Assistant

Happy and successful remote worker
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Median salary: $38,478

Virtual Assistants provide administrative support to an individual or team. Email and social media management, calendar management, meeting and travel planning, event planning and research may be among your duties. Virtual assistant jobs are 100% home-based and can be found part-time or full-time.

8. Online Teacher/Tutor

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Median salary: $43,476

As a parent, you probably have taught your child to read, taught them math homework, and taught them all of their life skills. Education is most likely part of your daily routine, so why not convert those skills into earning an income?

9. Accounting clerk

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Median salary: $38,500

Accounting clerks most often maintaining financial records, reconciling bank statements, preparing reports, processing transactions and providing administrative support to an accounting department. Accounting, data entry and word processing skills are often required. Accounting clerks can often find remote roles that can be full-time or even freelance.

10. Graphic designer

digital painter illustrator
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Median salary: $43,275

Digital and visual designers can find great roles that allow work to be done entirely from home and often on a flexible schedule. In a graphic designer career, you can create logos or advertisements, help design the look of a website, or create signs, flyers, or other informational materials. (Learn more about become a graphic designer.)

11. Health Coach

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Median salary: $45,324

Many stay-at-home parents work diligently on their own physical condition to stay in shape. Why not use these skills and share them with others? Remote roles in fitness and mental health can be a perfect way to help others lead a healthier lifestyle while keeping your own health journey on track.

12. Marketing Specialist

Marketing Manager
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Median salary: $49,912

Marketing positions can take many forms, including marketing coordinator, SEO specialist, content strategist, among others. In marketing, you will work to promote a product or service through branding and awareness.

13. Social Media Specialist

Woman using a tablet
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Median salary: $41,945

Many parents are already well-versed in social media, posting about their kids’ accomplishments, and following their favorite brands and influencers, making it a natural work-from-home job for moms and dads. In a social media career, you can create content for a company’s social media sites to grow their fan base and communities.

14. Travel Advisor

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Median salary: $40,520

Virtual Travel Stations are many. In this sector, you will manage travel arrangements for various clients, such as cruise line, airline, resort or excursion bookings. Many positions offer the benefit of travel credits which could also allow you and your family to travel. To say the least, it’s a work at home job for moms that could provide benefits for the whole family!

15. Web Designer

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Median salary: $49,476

Web designers create website visuals, design navigation elements, create graphics, choose fonts and colors and use HTML code. Generally, previous experience or a portfolio is required. Web designers can often work from home and can find freelance and flexible roles.

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