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14 unexpected fields that offer home-based jobs

6. Manufacturing

In recent years, manufacturing has changed dramatically from the often difficult assembly line work that was its calling card. Over 4.18 million manufacturing jobs can be performed remotely, which represents 28.4% of jobs in the industry as a whole. And there is no shortage of freelance opportunities for those looking for more flexibility. The industry that uses Upwork’s services the most outside of technology is manufacturing, according to the company.

7. Waste management services

Workers in this industry provide support, such as household garbage services, essential to the day-to-day operations of other organizations. And 1.75 million jobs are professional service jobs, or 26.3% of jobs in industry.

8. Health care and social assistance

During the pandemic, the idea of ​​remote healthcare became more widely accepted, and as of January 16% of workers in the industry were working from home due to COVID-19. Yet many jobs in healthcare were previously geared towards working from home. A recent example includes the opening of a director of managed care position at Envision Physician Services, based in Nashville. Just over a quarter of jobs in health care and social assistance are in professional services, or 5.58 million in total.

9. Support services

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, organizations in this sector provide support to other organizations in areas such as “the repair of equipment and machinery, the promotion or administration of religious activities, the granting of grants, advocacy and the provision of dry cleaning and laundry services, personal care services, deceased care services, pet care services, photo finishing services, temporary parking services and met. About a quarter – 24.2%, or 1.86 million jobs – of industry jobs are professional service jobs that can be performed remotely.

10. Retail

About 14 percent of jobs in retail are professional service jobs that often do not require employees to be in a store. This represents around 2.2 million jobs in total. Freelance remote retail jobs on Upwork include technical writing, text editing, and interior design.

11. Transport and storage

About 1 million jobs in the transportation and warehousing industries are professional services that can be performed remotely. This translates to about 13.2 percent of positions in the industry.

12. Building

During the pandemic, around 7.5% of construction workers reported working remotely, according to Upwork. And the number of remote jobs could be even higher: 10.5% of construction jobs, or 4.18 million in total, are types of professional service jobs that can be done from home.

13. Hotels and food services

While accommodation and food services jobs are more likely to require workers to go to the same place every day, 6.9% of jobs in the industry, or about 786,000 in total, are jobs in the industry. professional services. Employment in this field has suffered greatly during the pandemic overall, so it is not clear when hotels will fully resume operations, both for on-site and remote workers.

14. Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting

Even in the agricultural sector, there are 154,113 jobs in professional services, or 6.3% of all jobs. In fact, in January 2021, a slightly higher proportion of workers in this industry – just over 5% – were telecommuting compared to workers in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Grace Tatter is a contributing writer for AARP. Previously, she was a writer and producer for public radio WBUR and Chalkbeat, a non-profit educational news organization.

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