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10 in-demand work-from-home jobs that pay up to $ 118,000 and offer 4-day work weeks

Can you imagine a four-day workweek with no pay cut? While a compressed work week isn’t exactly a widespread trend, the idea of ​​increased flexibility is gaining traction.

It’s a market of job seekers right now, and luckily technology has caught up with the needs of employees, says Stella Garber, vice president of marketing at Trello, an organizing platform for team collaborations. She has been working remotely for seven years.

Flexibility comes in many forms. Global companies like Netflix and Salesforce offer flexible time off and remote work policies. Raytheon, a defense outsourcing company, offers its employees the benefits of telecommuting, compressed work weeks, flexible hours and job sharing.

Whether you’re a recent graduate who wants to make the most of the favorable job market or a parent who needs a better work-life balance, here are 10 well-paying flexible jobs that can earn you a salary of up to 118. $ 000.

1. Lawyer

Average salary: $ 117,188
The work: Lawyers provide legal advice and representation to clients and resolve disputes through trial, mediation or negotiated settlement. The culture of law is changing as a result of technology and the associated demands. Many leading law firms
offer the option of having reduced hours or working remotely. Some even hire for part-time, remote, or project-based positions.
How to get the job: In addition to the minimum license requirement to practice law, you will need to prove that you are reliable and results oriented. Be sure to highlight the impressive accomplishments you have made while working remotely or on short shifts, and underline your ability to stay tuned to the business and customers under flexible working conditions.

2. Tax manager

3. Computer security engineer

4. Regional sales manager

5. Technical sales engineer

6. Human resources recruiter

7. Clinical research associate

8. Background investigator

9. Actuary

10. Business advisor